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Research Materials (TEPCO) Treated Water Portal Site 2023.10.17 2,446


Research Materials (IAEA) Fukushima Daiichi ALPS Treated Water Discharge 2023.10.17 2,835


Research Materials (NRA, Japan) Monitoring information of environmental radioactivity level 2023.10.17 2,030
55 Articles IAEA Samples Marine Environment Near Fukushima Daiichi 2023.10.20 2,194
54 Articles IAEA Confirms Tritium Level Far Below Japan’s Operational Limit in Second Batch of ALPS Treated Water Released Today 2023.10.05 2,374
53 Articles IAEA Director General Briefs Board of Governors: Fukushima Daiichi ALPS Water Release 2023.09.11 1,625
52 Articles IAEA Conducts Its First Seawater Sampling After Japan’s Discharge of ALPS Treated Water, Finds Tritium Level Below Limit 2023.09.08 1,214
51 Official Messages and Policies JAIF's President's comment on Start of Offshore Release of ALPS-Treated Water by TEPCO at Fukushima Daiichi 2023.08.25 1,715
50 Articles Announcement Regarding Analysis Results of Tritium Concentration in Seawater Sampled 2023.08.25 1,938
49 Articles IAEA Director General Statement on Discharge of Fukushima Daiichi ALPS Treated Water 2023.08.24 1,025
48 Articles IAEA Director General Statement on Discharge of Fukushima Daiichi ALPS Treated Water 2023.08.22 1,741
47 Articles Publication of the Report on the Dialogues between the Government of Japan and the PIF regarding ALPS Treated Water 2023.07.31 1,525
46 Articles The IAEA Conducted Its Comprehensive Review Mission Regarding the Planned Discharge of ALPS Treated Water 2023.06.06 1,214
45 Articles IAEA Report Finds Japan’s Measurements of the Treated Water to be Discharged from Fukushima Daiichi Accurate and Precise 2023.05.31 1,181
44 Articles Dispatch of the Delegation of Republic of Korea (ROK) Experts on the Current Status of ALPS Treated Water. 2023.05.31 1,305